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New Rules.
Pink Puppy Devi2019-06-08 23:34:54
As it seems previous problems prevented the post about this.
After reviewing the poll that was run about this problem, this rule is now implemented.

Please keep extreme kinks out of public places. PMs and houses exist for a reason, and that is anything that is wished/ required privacy for.
This includes Gore/Torture/Snuff (Death during fight/event, depends on context) /Scat/Watersports/etc. This will be dealt with as required, Due to the nature of the game, there will not be an attempt to codify every single situation, so the list may increase, or decrease, depending on what happens / what people wish.

Within the next month, the housing estates will be modified to add rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Plus more keys, including temporary ones. We hope this will make things easier for people.

News for Tue, Jun 18, 2019 (Items 101 - 110 of 110)
Some people got their stolen memories back, thanks to Mistress of Many Eva
Mistress of Many Eva met Miss V in the forest and got tranced!
Pet Riku has challenged their master, Queen Yasmine and lost!
"Well isn't that a kick in the crotch?!" Pet Riku observes.
Recruiter Eri has defeated her master, Bunny Lola to advance to level 8 after 25 days!!
Recruiter Eri has defeated her master, Snooch of Night to advance to level 7 after 25 days!!
Recruiter Eri was hunted down by their master, Snooch of Night, for being truant.
Recruiter Eri met Sue Chan in the forest and got tranced!
Sleepy Sandy has been brainwashed and sold to Miss V in the forest by Starving Artist.
"This both sucks and blows!" wails Sleepy Sandy.
Head Slave Shalys has defeated her master, Bunny Lola to advance to level 8 after 5 days!!
Head Slave Shalys encountered the Mysterious Stranger!
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