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Item Fix
Dragon Devi2019-03-10 23:54:14
Hello Everyone.
Greater Willpower potions now actually are used up and no longer act as infinte sources of HP. Sorry for accidentally adding that grain of infinity to the recipe, the side effects will fade ... eventually.

Warning and Apology
Dragon Devi2018-10-20 22:44:34
On 20th October at aproximately 20:30 pm GMT. what seems to be a spambot found HD. There was a before undiscovered weakness in the motd page it used to gather information. I have blocked this bot within 5 min of it doing this, but it may have got an unknown number of emails from the site. The bot only went after emails, nothing else so I suspect it was part of a spam ring. I apologise heavily for this, the motd system has been fixed while the site was down, and I will be checking the site against any similar issues again. In the mean time, Please be wary of any emails sent from HD. We will not be sending you any emails that do not mention your username at the very least.

Strange going's on.
Dragon Devi2018-09-19 16:19:35
Something seems to have riled the forest up, Strange stuff may happen more often, and some fights may be harder, watch out!

Poll: Thoughts on some new rules
Dragon Devi2018-08-12 19:40:48
Hi there everyone. Rescently there has been some complaints about more, extreme play in the square / public areas. As we all know, Mind control / Hypnosis is classes as extreme kink for some, so I don't want to say flat out it can't be done, on the other hand, some kinks do involve some extremes that can rather put people off. Mind Control and or Hypnosis will always be welcome everywhere on this site, obviously, however, this is a poll to let people help decide, should we have a rule about other extreme kinks, to be kept to the houses. Either way I will be implementing an improvment to the housing area soon to let people be able to rp there more easilly, amongst that being unlimited 'temporary' keys. So the question is. Should extreme kinks, like, vore, gore, scat, urine, etc, death, be kept to houses.
yes (104 - 80%)
no (18 - 13.8%)
Other, please comment below (8 - 6.2%)

The day of the GDPR came, and went
Dragon Devi2018-06-03 17:34:19
Hello there.
Friday, was a sad day for many of us. Characters we knew, and loved, unfortunatly had to be removed from the game due to the new data protection laws. I thank the players of those characters for their time here, and I wish them luck on whatever they are doing now, and a good life.

If anyone wishes to return, please, send a peition or a message to me, and I will pull you out of the backup.


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