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Please send good thoughts / and other positive vibes to Lola
Pink Puppy Devi2019-05-10 11:22:43
Hello Everyone.
Unfortunatly as some of you may know, in the past few weeks Lola, otherwise known as Miss V, the previous owner of this great game, has been in a car accident. She will recover fully, but in the mean time, please send some good thoughts her way.
For more information please see https://www.deviantart.com/powermogri/journal/Downtime-796209957


Forest has been fixed
Pink Puppy Devi2019-04-05 20:40:19
The forest has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvience

Fights still broken
Pink Puppy Devi2019-04-05 17:08:12
It seems the fights are still broken. I will be unavailable to fix this for 3 hours sadly.

Strong Apologies
Pink Puppy Devi2019-04-05 14:17:41
Hello Everyone.
It seems the error yesterday was a rather bad one, and the fix I applied was rather then a fix, a faulty band-aid.

I was able to fix fully today but to do so I had to restore from the day old backup, as the data from the last day was corrupted.

I apologise strongly for this, and it should not happen again.

Lola's Hypno-Art Patreon
Miss V2019-03-25 15:43:30
Hello friends,

I would like to announce, that I have recently launched a patreon where I publish erotical Artworks and Fiction centering on the mind-control and transformation fetish. I would really appreciate if you would take a look and probably support me there.


Though, I want you to know, that this is a completely different project and not connected with Hypnodragon. (which is ran by Devi by now, as most of your surely know)

Lola aka Miss V aka Powermogri

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