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Good Puppy Devi2017-10-15 04:28:15
Hello all!
It is Haloween coming up, and in the spirit of things, anyone who wants a temporary title for such, message me! It will be a temporary one and will wash away with the next dragon kill, so be careful and have fun, and enjoy the time of year!

A reminder of rules.
Good Puppy Devi2017-10-15 02:05:39
Please be aware harassment is against the rules, and that includes 'warning' people against others whenever mentioned. That includes in public or PM, and I have seen both, on both sides of things, though at differing timespans.

Welcome to the Morph shop!
Good Puppy Devi2017-08-16 00:11:39
Hello Everyone!

Changing form is a boring process, it takes time to change the bio desc, the pictures, etc. That will all change with the new Morph shop! Once you have your bio, picture, everything how you like, just store that onto a morph crystal, then you can return to that form whenever you like!

This has gone through beta, I hope I have got everything if not, please feel free to message. I hope you all enjoy!

Hey Everyone!
Good Puppy Devi2017-07-15 19:11:32
A couple updates, From now on, the site will be using https purely for security.

There is a couple new features coming in the next month, including a morph shop, to let people have multiple forms easier.

And last but not least, the forum is cluttered with guides about the game, so I will be introducing a wiki for the game!

Minor Outage
Good Puppy Devi2017-06-23 10:34:10
Sorry about the outage, the database server has gone down

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