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Warriors of the realm (Page 9: 401-450 of 463)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 2 Sleepy Opal Hypno Ville Pony Female 137 days
No 2 Sleepy Pyrochasm Hypno Ville Human Male 80 days
Yes 2 Sleepy Root Hypno Ville Pony Female 49 days
Yes 2 Sleepy Savannah Inside Estates Elf Female 7 days
Yes 2 Sleepy Slips Hypno Ville Human Male 31 days
Yes 2 Sleepy Snow Hypno Ville Felyne Female 16 days
Yes 2 Sleepy Solar Hypno Ville Elf Female Today
Yes 2 Sleepy Stray Hypno Ville Felyne Female 79 days
Yes 2 Sleepy Sweet Hypno Ville Felyne Female 79 days
Yes 2 Sleepy Tia Inside Estates Elf Female 38 days
Yes 2 Sleepy Torrie Ley Hypno Ville Felyne Female 1 day
Yes 2 Sleepy Volupta Hypno Ville Human Female 28 days
Yes 2 Sleepy Yuka Hypno Ville Canine Female 61 days
Yes 2 Sleepy Zaya Felix Hypno Ville Felyne Female 4 days
Yes 1 Lady Reika Saoirse Josephine Inside Estates Dragon Female Today
No 1 Half Alien - Half Ryu the Hero Hypno Ville Bunny Female 2 days
Yes 1 Unreliable Dragon Feyascia Hypno Ville Santas Elf Male Today
Yes 1 Rockstar Venro Hypno Ville Topmodel Male Today
Yes 1 Divine Mistress Faylenn Hypno Ville Bunny Female Today
Yes 1 Elder Master Ildac Hypno Ville Anthromorph Male Today
Yes 1 Elder Mistress Erena Inside Estates Succubus Female 2 days
Yes 1 Lord Decker Inside Estates Human Male 3 days
Yes 1 Verdant Nymph Jessie Hypno Ville Canine Female 13 days
Yes 1 Love Your Body Justine Robison Hypno Ville Succubus Female 3 days
Yes 1 Hypnogoddess Milovana Inside Estates Blessed Female Today
Yes 1 Hypnogoddess Alexis Hypno Ville Dracul Female 49 days
Yes 1 Anubus Darkbreeze Hypno Ville Dragon Male 10 days
Yes 1 Hypnogoddess Argos Hypno Ville Akemi Female 86 days
Yes 1 Mistress of Many SmallOne Inside Estates Bunny Female 178 days
Yes 1 Mistress of Many Geamie Hypno Ville Human Female 33 days
Yes 1 Sharess Qilintha Hypno Ville Elf Female Today
Yes 1 Alteration Witch Cavic Hypno Ville Human Female 17 days
Yes 1 Lovely Elyn Vane Hypno Ville Canine Female 147 days
Yes 1 Hypnomistress Nepgear Hypno Ville Succubus Female 1 day
Yes 1 Hypnomistress Senri Hypno Ville (Online) Succubus Female Today
Yes 1 Controller Skippy Hypno Ville Felyne Female 4 days
Yes 1 Demon Lord Beelzebub Hypno Ville Dragon Male 1 day
Yes 1 Recruiter Tippi Inside Estates Fallen Female 28 days
Yes 1 Spiralling Down Brigid Hypno Ville Human Female 15 days
Yes 1 Blaziken Fate Valentine Hypno Ville Dragon Female 23 days
Yes 1 Spiralling Down Hilda Hypno Ville Blessed Female 1 day
Yes 1 Spiralling Down Isolde Inside Estates Human Female 136 days
Yes 1 Spiralling Down Lilith Hypno Ville Fallen Female 10 days
Unconscious 1 Spiralling Down Maki Hypno Ville Human Female 47 days
Unconscious 1 Spiralling Down Pinkie Hypno Ville Pony Female 32 days
Yes 1 Bovine Violet Hypno Ville Dragon Female Today
Unconscious 1 Sleepy Andrea Hypno Ville Canine Female 228 days
Yes 1 Sleepy Asriel Dreemurr Hypno Ville Planetouched Male 1 day
Unconscious 1 Sleepy Cinder Hypno Ville Felyne Female 354 days
Yes 1 Sleepy Daisy Jade Inside Estates Felyne Female 375 days
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