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Warriors of the realm (Page 7: 301-350 of 465)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Unconscious 4 Sleepy iNeko Hypno Ville Felyne Female 103 days
Yes 4 Pumpkin ioth Hypno Ville Pumpkindred Male 144 days
Yes 4 Sleepy Ivy The Weedee Hypno Ville Canine Male 21 days
Yes 4 Sleepy Kassandra Hypno Ville Elf Female 7 days
Yes 4 Sleepy Lexi Inside Estates Human Female 10 days
Yes 4 Sleepy Lilia Inside Estates Felyne Female 132 days
Yes 4 Sleepy Mimi Hypno Ville Felyne Female 27 days
Yes 4 Sleepy Starfire Hypno Ville Human Female 8 days
Yes 3 Lady Reika Saoirse Josephine Hypno Ville (Online) Dragon Female Today
Yes 3 Foolishly Brave Ryu the Hero Hypno Ville Bunny Female Today
Yes 3 Ultimate Dark Fzy Inside Estates Dragon Male 2 days
Yes 3 Divine Mistress bimbojessi Hypno Ville Bimbo Female 1 day
Yes 3 Scout Suited Fall Inside Estates Robot Female Today
Yes 3 Hypnogoddess Reika Inside Estates Human Female Today
Yes 3 Hypnogoddess Milovana Inside Estates Felyne Female Today
Yes 3 Mindless doll seline Hypno Ville Bimbo Female 297 days
Yes 3 Master Thief theminiarkana Inside Estates Fallen Female 29 days
Yes 3 Mistress of Many Lindsey Windsong Hypno Ville Elf Female 2 days
Yes 3 Time Lady The Poet Inside Estates Dragon Female 342 days
Yes 3 Favored Slave John Dulkir Hypno Ville Elf Male Today
Yes 3 Pet Melindra Hypno Ville Santas Elf Female 10 days
Yes 3 Pet Princess Hypno Ville Canine Male Today
Yes 3 Spiralling Down Clarissa Brigette Hypno Ville Felyne Female Today
Yes 3 Spiralling Down Dart Hypno Ville Fallen Male 1 day
Yes 3 Lil Eve Hypno Ville Canine Female 22 days
Yes 3 Spiralling Down Miyuki Hypno Ville Felyne Female 4 days
Yes 3 Sleepy Addison Hypno Ville Human Female Today
Unconscious 3 Sleepy Aite Hypno Ville Human Female 103 days
Yes 3 Sleepy Alexa Hypno Ville Felyne Female 40 days
Yes 3 Sleepy Ash Fi Hypno Ville Planetouched Female 2 days
Yes 3 Sleepy Bankai Hypno Ville (Online) Canine Male Today
Yes 3 Sleepy Blank Hypno Ville Felyne Male 9 days
No 3 Sleepy Casey Hypno Ville Human Female 37 days
No 3 Sleepy Colt Hypno Ville Human Male 8 days
Unconscious 3 Sleepy Erol and Kana Hypno Ville Canine Male 14 days
Yes 3 Sleepy Falcon Hypno Ville Human Female 108 days
Unconscious 3 Sleepy Judy Hypno Ville Human Female 292 days
Yes 3 Sleepy Kara-X Inside Estates Robot Female 341 days
Yes 3 Sleepy Kassera Inside Estates Felyne Female 6 days
Yes 3 Sleepy Krystal Hypno Ville Felyne Female 1 day
Yes 3 Sleepy Mocha Hypno Ville Canine Female 7 days
Yes 3 Sleepy Naoko Hypno Ville Felyne Female 27 days
Yes 3 Sleepy Pyrrha Nikos Hypno Ville Human Female 93 days
Yes 3 Sleepy Sandy Hypno Ville Canine Female 35 days
Yes 3 Sleepy Somnette Hypno Ville Santas Elf Female 46 days
Yes 3 Sleepy Stersam Hypno Ville Canine Male 27 days
No 3 Sleepy Sylver Hypno Ville Elf Male 92 days
Yes 3 Sleepy Taylor Inside Estates Felyne Female 57 days
Yes 2 Deity Spade Hypno Ville Dragon Female 69 days
Yes 2 Returning wolf Neceron Hypno Ville Dragon Male 77 days
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