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Warriors of the realm (Page 6: 251-300 of 448)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 6 Snowman Faye North Pole Human Female 14 days
Unconscious 6 Snowman Nina North Pole Human Female 50 days
Unconscious 6 Snowman Raelynn North Pole Felyne Female 6 days
Yes 6 Snowman Tira Inside Estates Felyne Female 6 days
Yes 6 Snowman Xiao Inside Estates Elf Female 6 days
Yes 5 MindFlayer Luciela North Pole Dragon Female 14 days
Yes 5 Clear Minded Milo North Pole Human Female 183 days
Unconscious 5 Shadow Dragon Luciola North Pole Dragon Female 12 days
Yes 5 Emanon not Axeo Inside Estates Dracul Male Today
No 5 Hypnomistress Captain Red North Pole Robot Female 1 day
Yes 5 Chaotic Goddess Sonya North Pole Grinchling Female 4 days
Yes 5 Trainee Trancer Vapor North Pole Felyne Female 25 days
Yes 5 Trinity Sister Dove Inside Estates Dragon Female 212 days
Yes 5 Christmas Angel Hiroshi Inside Estates Blessed Female 2 days
Yes 5 Wereleopardess Vashti North Pole Felyne Female 70 days
Yes 5 Recruiter Miriam North Pole Canine Female 4 days
Yes 5 Recruiter Tem Nan North Pole Felyne Female 13 days
Yes 5 Spiralling Down Aine OShea North Pole Blessed Female 69 days
Unconscious 5 Spiralling Down Edword Glasstail North Pole Human Male 44 days
Yes 5 Trinity Inside Estates Felyne Female 212 days
Yes 5 Snowman Amala North Pole Human Female 5 days
Unconscious 5 Snowman Becky North Pole Dragon Female 9 days
Unconscious 5 Snowman Black Cat North Pole Vampire Female 45 days
Yes 5 Snowman Chrystal North Pole Human Female Today
Unconscious 5 Snowman Cora North Pole Felyne Female 67 days
Yes 5 Snowman Crowley North Pole Planetouched Male 47 days
Yes 5 Pumpkin Eline North Pole Pumpkindred Female 26 days
Yes 5 Snowman Emily The Club EnTrance Human Female 66 days
Yes 5 Pumpkin Isadora North Pole Pumpkindred Female 31 days
Yes 5 Snowman Keira Ley North Pole Felyne Female 19 days
Yes 5 Snowman Lilly Estelle North Pole Blessed Female 143 days
Yes 5 Snowman Minos North Pole Canine Male 3 days
Yes 5 Snowman Ren North Pole Planetouched Male 2 days
No 5 Snowman Ruskin North Pole Felyne Female 70 days
Yes 5 Snowman Sardac Inside Estates Felyne Male 212 days
Unconscious 5 Snowman Satori North Pole Canine Female 19 days
Unconscious 5 Snowman SinKing North Pole Human Male 137 days
Unconscious 5 Snowman Skitch North Pole Baby Reindeer Female 74 days
Yes 5 Snowman Tifa Inside Estates Canine Female 175 days
Yes 4 Deity Gladius North Pole Anthromorph Male 4 days
Yes 4 Dazzling Seductress Allura Inside Estates Dracul Female 2 days
Yes 4 Warrior Poet Durin Inside Estates Dracul Male 238 days
Yes 4 Hypnogoddess Lilac North Pole Akemi Female 24 days
Yes 4 Hypnogoddess Reika Inside Estates Human Female 1 day
Yes 4 Hypnogoddess Maximus Inside Estates Dracul Female 41 days
Yes 4 Hypnogoddess Elayna Inside Estates Elf Female 198 days
Yes 4 Master Thief theminiarkana Inside Estates Fallen Female 3 days
Yes 4 Mindcontroller Cassandra Inside Estates Akemi Female 1 day
Yes 4 Mindcontroller Robyn Inside Estates Dracul Female 10 days
Yes 4 Hypnomistress Aria Inside Estates Akemi Female 4 days
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