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Warriors of the realm (Page 5: 201-250 of 465)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 7 Favored Slave Aurae Hypno Ville Elf Female 12 days
Yes 7 Pet Zulluzka Hypno Ville Felyne Female Today
No 7 Ranger Captain Araen Hypno Ville Elf Male 1 day
Yes 7 Spiralling Down Arilai Hypno Ville Fallen Female 33 days
Yes 7 Spiralling Down LakeTraverse Inside Estates Human Female 1 day
Yes 7 Sleepy Akemi Hypno Ville Blessed Female 3 days
Yes 7 Sleepy Brienna Hypno Ville Human Female 3 days
Yes 7 Sleepy Contessa Hypno Ville Blessed Female 31 days
Yes 7 Sleepy Elizabeth Hypno Ville Santas Elf Female 1 day
Yes 7 Sleepy Miranova Hypno Ville Human Female 10 days
Yes 7 Sleepy Spirit Hypno Ville Pony Female 17 days
Unconscious 7 Sleepy Tanuki Hypno Ville Canine Female 82 days
Unconscious 7 Sleepy Trissia Morrow Hypno Ville Felyne Female 104 days
Yes 7 Sleepy Xade Hypno Ville Human Female 11 days
Yes 6 Durins Draco-Kitty Shydove Inside Estates Santas Elf Female 92 days
Yes 6 Dazzling Seductress Allura Inside Estates Dracul Female Today
Yes 6 Hypnogoddess Rowena Hypno Ville Akemi Female 80 days
Yes 6 Hypnomaster Schatten Inside Estates Fallen Male 12 days
Yes 6 Hypnomistress Serpentina Inside Estates Robot Female 2 days
No 6 Lady Isabella Hypno Ville Bimbo Female 3 days
Yes 6 Lady Kefke Hypno Ville Bunny Female 2 days
Yes 6 Resisting Moliwen The Club EnTrance Elf Female 2 days
Yes 6 Head Slave Juniper Hypno Ville Santas Elf Female Today
Yes 6 Recruiter Izumi Hypno Ville Blessed Female 9 days
Yes 6 Spiralling Down Bria Hypno Ville Human Female 52 days
Yes 6 Spiralling Down Kate Hypno Ville Canine Female 12 days
Yes 6 Spiralling Down Keya Hypno Ville Elf Female 121 days
Yes 6 Spiralling Down Matty Hypno Ville Planetouched Male 107 days
Yes 6 Monochrome Minx Hypno Ville Canine Female 1 day
Yes 6 Sleepy Alodie Hypno Ville Felyne Female 1 day
Yes 6 Sleepy Azazel Shem Inside Estates Elf Male 58 days
Yes 6 Sleepy Brightboy Hypno Ville Canine Male Today
Unconscious 6 Sleepy Cora Hypno Ville Felyne Female 66 days
Yes 6 Sleepy Cunny Hypno Ville Canine Female 5 days
Yes 6 Sleepy Effie Inside Estates Felyne Female Today
Yes 6 Sleepy Faye Hypno Ville Human Female 111 days
Yes 6 Sleepy Kimmy Hypno Ville Grinchling Female 5 days
Yes 6 Sleepy Nina Hypno Ville Human Female 14 days
Yes 6 Sleepy Raelynn Hypno Ville Felyne Female 41 days
Yes 6 Sleepy Tira Inside Estates Felyne Female 35 days
Yes 6 Sleepy Xiao Inside Estates Elf Female 40 days
Yes 5 Friendly Baker Lindsay Inside Estates Dragon Female Today
Yes 5 MindFlayer Luciela Hypno Ville Dragon Female 112 days
Yes 5 Clear Minded Milo Hypno Ville Human Female 281 days
Yes 5 Shadow Dragon Luciola Hypno Ville Dragon Female 33 days
Yes 5 Free Agent Anuashda Hypno Ville Canine Male 1 day
Yes 5 Trinity Sister Dove Inside Estates Dragon Female 309 days
Yes 5 Wereleopardess Vashti Inside Estates Felyne Female 84 days
Yes 5 Recruiter Mellifer Inside Estates Robot Male 1 day
Yes 5 Recruiter Miriam Hypno Ville Canine Female Today
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