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Warriors of the realm (Page 3: 101-150 of 448)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 12 Resisting Braiddan North Pole Himbo Male 18 days
No 12 Resisting Ivanna Fuchewup North Pole Felyne Female 7 days
Yes 12 Resisting Tide Canucci Inside Estates Felyne Male 81 days
Yes 12 Slayer Tinkerbell North Pole Slut Female 103 days
Yes 12 Recruiter Darius Mind North Pole Baby Reindeer Male 143 days
Yes 12 Recruiter Robin North Pole Human Female 53 days
Yes 12 Pet Kalazaar North Pole Felyne Female 135 days
Yes 12 Spiralling Down Benkei North Pole Dragon Female 3 days
Yes 12 Spiralling Down Kixxera Inside Estates Planetouched Male 8 days
Yes 12 Spiralling Down Leirund North Pole Fallen Male 106 days
No 12 Spiralling Down Mhara Rihn North Pole Elf Female 62 days
Yes 12 Spiralling Down Serris North Pole Canine Female 2 days
Unconscious 12 Snowman Critter Diamond North Pole Human Female 10 days
Yes 12 Snowman Keeran North Pole Felyne Female 169 days
Yes 12 Snowman Mel North Pole Blessed Female 150 days
Yes 12 Witch of Izalith Quelaan North Pole Dragon Female 245 days
Yes 11 The Basilisk Gust North Pole Dragon Male Today
Yes 11 Divine Mistress Faylenn North Pole Bunny Female 2 days
Yes 11 Delectable Domina Inside Estates Bunny Female 2 days
Yes 11 Gebieter Darkon Inside Estates Dragon Male 85 days
Yes 11 Jade Falcon Katanya Inside Estates Human Female 46 days
Yes 11 Mindcontroller Eva Inside Estates Santas Elf Female 5 days
Yes 11 Lady Lekoun North Pole Elf Female Today
Yes 11 Mindtaker meganox Inside Estates Felyne Female Today
Yes 11 Hypnotist Dew North Pole Elf Female 28 days
Yes 11 Resisting Anuashda North Pole (Online) Santas Elf Male Today
Yes 11 Shadow Princess Anya North Pole Fallen Female 1 day
Yes 11 Favored Slave Errant North Pole Blessed Male 13 days
Yes 11 Favored Slave Lera North Pole Baby Reindeer Female 3 days
Yes 11 Spiralling Down Dark Rose North Pole Fallen Female 43 days
Yes 11 Spiralling Down Hollyrath Inside Estates Planetouched Female 11 days
Unconscious 11 Spiralling Down Kirkmet North Pole Felyne Male 121 days
Unconscious 11 The Pietist Doctor Pyrrha North Pole Dragon Female 106 days
Yes 11 Spiralling Down Rhea North Pole Santas Elf Female 5 days
Yes 11 Churning Maid Alice Katarii North Pole Dragon Female 69 days
No 11 Snowman Allison North Pole Human Female 1 day
Yes 11 Snowman Annaliese North Pole Felyne Female 74 days
Yes 11 Snowman Attren Swiftpaw North Pole Felyne Female 12 days
Unconscious 11 Snowman Rouge North Pole Dragon Female 29 days
No 10 Foolishly Brave Ryu the Hero North Pole Dragon Male Today
Yes 10 Slayer Azurine Inside Estates Dracul Female 85 days
Yes 10 Valorous Atticus North Pole Bimbo Female 22 days
Yes 10 Hypnomistress Ilenia North Pole Elf Female 5 days
Yes 10 Controller Mishy North Pole Felyne Female 194 days
Yes 10 Hypno Domme frostedflakes Inside Estates Robot Female 6 days
Yes 10 Hypno Dom Sarius North Pole Santas Elf Male 6 days
Yes 10 Seductress LadyVelvet Inside Estates Dracul Female 12 days
Yes 10 A Gentle Hope Inside Estates Blessed Female 38 days
Yes 10 Fighting Free Omen North Pole Human Male 8 days
Yes 10 Resisting Aiboturion North Pole Canine Female Today
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