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AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 9001 Admin Hypno Ville Canine Female 74 days
Yes 15 Mistress of Many Riesz Inside Estates Felyne Female 5 days
No 15 Captain Bella Hypno Ville Vultuputeulan Female Today
No 15 Madam Kistulot Hypno Ville Dragon Female 382 days
Yes 15 Pet Vienne Hypno Ville Elf Female 18 days
No 15 Sleepy Kit Hypno Ville Fallen Female 7 days
Yes 14 Lady Reika Josephine Inside Estates Dragon Female Today
Yes 14 Elder Mistress Tan Hypno Ville Dracul Female 10 days
Unconscious 14 Hypnogoddess Rith Shadowbane Hypno Ville Dragon Female 385 days
Yes 14 Ultimate Vampire Master Baiter Hypno Ville Dracul Male 2 days
Yes 14 Hypnogoddess Eila Nolah Inside Estates Dracul Female 3 days
Yes 14 Hypnogoddess SurrealSadi Inside Estates Bunny Female 39 days
Yes 14 Master of Many UnsungHero Inside Estates Elf Male 57 days
Unconscious 14 Mistress of Many Salahad Hypno Ville Human Female 433 days
Yes 14 Kunoichi Raven Hypno Ville Succubus Female 32 days
No 14 Demon of Desires nyx Hypno Ville Succubus Female 3 days
Yes 14 Lady ikamazu Hypno Ville Felyne Female Today
Yes 14 Lord Wellspring Inside Estates Canine Male 13 days
Yes 14 Controller Yuu Inside Estates Dracul Female 107 days
Unconscious 14 Free Agent Gynifer Hypno Ville Black-Sin Female 45 days
Unconscious 14 Free Agent jason The Club EnTrance Grinchling Male 44 days
Yes 14 Fighting Free Blair Bear Hypno Ville Pony Male 86 days
Yes 14 Resisting Sadie Inside Estates Fallen Female Today
Yes 14 Head Slave Faeryl Inside Estates Elf Female Today
Yes 14 Cute Gem Lilith the Catgirl Hypno Ville Grinchling Female Today
No 14 Favored Slave Aurus Hypno Ville Blessed Male 21 days
No 14 Favored Slave Black Sapphire Hypno Ville Santas Elf Male 4 days
Yes 14 Recruiter Kaji Hypno Ville Blessed Male 26 days
No 14 Recruiter rabbitxxx Hypno Ville Elf Female 5 days
Yes 14 Pet Dream Mistress Inside Estates Felyne Female 2 days
Yes 14 Pet Kimber Inside Estates Human Female 3 days
Yes 14 Pet Veleno Hypno Ville Blessed Male Today
Yes 14 Spiralling Down Devon Hypno Ville Blessed Male 5 days
Unconscious 14 Saint Pyrrha Hypno Ville Dragon Female 7 days
Yes 14 Spiralling Down Stella Inside Estates Elf Female 1 day
Yes 14 Spiralling Down Sylvia Hypno Ville Human Female 254 days
Yes 14 Sleepy Brightboy Inside Estates Canine Male Today
Yes 14 Sleepy Cyan Inside Estates Human Female 4 days
No 14 Sleepy Isaac Hypno Ville Blessed Male 40 days
Yes 14 Sleepy Nekuia Hypno Ville Felyne Female 254 days
Unconscious 14 Sleepy Remmington Hypno Ville Pony Female 7 days
Yes 14 Catgirl Roshua Inside Estates Felyne Female 2 days
Yes 13 Dominating Demoness Domina Inside Estates Santas Elf Female 39 days
Yes 13 Elder Master RedDrake Hypno Ville Dragon Male 381 days
Yes 13 Sinful Sorceress Merril Inside Estates Akemi Female Today
Yes 13 Aeon Axeo Inside Estates Dracul Female 1 day
Yes 13 Star Princess Elencia Hypno Ville Dragon Female 2 days
Yes 13 Hypnomistress Tanith Inside Estates Santas Elf Female 1 day
Yes 13 Powerful Tanya Inside Estates Fallen Female 7 days
Yes 13 Great Lady Ginger Inside Estates Dracul Female 15 days
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