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AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 9001 Admin North Pole Canine Female 186 days
Yes 15 Divine Mistress Kala Inside Estates Canine Female 33 days
Yes 15 Mistress of Many Riesz Inside Estates Felyne Female 9 days
Yes 15 Tubby Gator Sabra Inside Estates Dragon Female 33 days
No 15 Madam Kistulot North Pole Dragon Female 195 days
Yes 15 Nora Caller - Elemencer North Pole Dragon Female 25 days
Yes 15 Pet Vienne North Pole Elf Female 32 days
No 15 Spiralling Down Evvie North Pole Elf Female 31 days
Yes 15 Cake Dragon Malachi Inside Estates Dragon Male 21 days
Unconscious 15 Snowman Batche North Pole Felyne Female 72 days
Yes 15 Snowman Isolde Inside Estates Human Female 55 days
Yes 14 Miss V North Pole Dragon Female Today
Yes 14 Dolly Witch Fox Inside Estates Dragon Female Today
Yes 14 Elder Mistress Tan North Pole Dracul Female 18 days
Unconscious 14 Hypnogoddess Rith Shadowbane North Pole Dragon Female 197 days
Yes 14 Hypnogoddess SurrealSadi Inside Estates Bunny Female 85 days
Yes 14 Silly Bunny Bun-Bun Inside Estates Bunny Male 33 days
Yes 14 Master of Many UnsungHero Inside Estates Elf Male 15 days
Unconscious 14 Mistress of Many Salahad North Pole Human Female 246 days
Yes 14 Lady ikamazu North Pole Felyne Female Today
Yes 14 Lord Wellspring Inside Estates Canine Male 1 day
Yes 14 Controller Yuu Inside Estates Dracul Female 1 day
Yes 14 Mindtaker Skippy North Pole Felyne Female 1 day
Yes 14 Free Agent Gynifer Inside Estates Black-Sin Female 25 days
No 14 Free Agent jason North Pole Grinchling Male 2 days
Yes 14 Fighting Free Blair Bear Inside Estates Baby Reindeer Male 1 day
Yes 14 Puppy Girl Avaria North Pole Canine Female 130 days
Yes 14 Head Slave Faeryl Inside Estates Elf Female 1 day
Yes 14 Cute Gem Lilith the Catgirl North Pole Santas Elf Female 1 day
No 14 Favored Slave Black Sapphire North Pole Santas Elf Male 7 days
Yes 14 Recruiter John Dulkir North Pole Human Male 1 day
Yes 14 Recruiter Kaji North Pole Blessed Male 10 days
No 14 Recruiter Skywalker North Pole Felyne Female 132 days
Yes 14 Pet Dream Mistress Inside Estates Felyne Female 1 day
Unconscious 14 Spiralling Down Azera North Pole Elf Female 6 days
Yes 14 Spiralling Down Devon North Pole Blessed Male 3 days
Yes 14 Pretty Baby Reindeer High Roller North Pole Canine Male 95 days
Yes 14 Spiralling Down Rehnyr North Pole Robot Male 12 days
Unconscious 14 Spiralling Down Rei Honoka North Pole Human Female 119 days
Yes 14 Spiralling Down Stella Inside Estates Elf Female Today
Yes 14 Spiralling Down Sylvia North Pole Human Female 66 days
Yes 14 Spiralling Down Zulluzka Inside Estates Human Female 10 days
Yes 14 Snowman Esme and Gregor Inside Estates Human Female 99 days
Unconscious 14 Snowman Harleen Quinzel North Pole Canine Female 127 days
Yes 14 Snowman Nekuia North Pole Felyne Female 66 days
Yes 14 Snowman Orokin Reactor Inside Estates Dragon Female 9 days
Unconscious 14 Snowman Remmington North Pole Baby Reindeer Female 11 days
Yes 14 Catgirl Roshua North Pole Felyne Female Today
Yes 13 Elder Master RedDrake North Pole Dragon Male 193 days
Yes 13 Action Paladin Merril Inside Estates Akemi Female Today
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