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Warriors Currently Online (18 warriors)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 14 Maria Clazina Hypno Ville (Online) Robot Female Today
Yes 14 Verdant Nymph Jessie Hypno Ville (Online) Elf Female Today
Yes 14 Sleepy Devin Devil Hypno Ville (Online) Fallen Female Today
Yes 9 Spiralling Down Hollyrath Hypno Ville (Online) Planetouched Female Today
Yes 8 Slightly Confused Lana Inside Estates (Online) Robot Female Today
Yes 8 Spiralling Down Serris Hypno Ville (Online) Canine Female Today
Yes 7 Sleepy Akemi Hypno Ville (Online) Blessed Female Today
Yes 6 Jade Falcon Katanya Hypno Ville (Online) Human Female Today
Yes 5 Head Slave Juniper Hypno Ville (Online) Felyne Female Today
Yes 5 Wereleopardess Vashti Inside Estates (Online) Felyne Female Today
Yes 5 Sleepy The Twins Inside Estates (Online) Human Female Today
Yes 4 Spiralling Down Stella Inside Estates (Online) Elf Female Today
Yes 3 Sleepy Elie Inside Estates (Online) Canine Male Today
Yes 2 Sleepy Ashley Hypno Ville (Online) Elf Female Today
Yes 1 Bouncy Bunny Lindsay Inside Estates (Online) Dragon Female Today
No 1 Hypnomistress DracossaBlack Hypno Ville (Online) Canine Female Today
No 1 Sleepy hypnomaster Ryan Hypno Ville (Online) Elf Male Today
Yes 1 Sleepy Leon Hypno Ville (Online) Planetouched Male Today
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